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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will be the main benefits of the BusinessForward programme for my business? A: The BusinessForward programme provides both a framework and a carefully designed process for helping you to take your business from where it is now to where you want to be - it's up to you to decide where that is!

We do know however, from detailed research, that the vast majority of small business owners feel they should be earning more, that they should not have to spend so much of their time working in the business and would like to build value in the business so that when they sell it they will obtain the good return.

The BusinessForward programme is geared up to deal directly with these requirements and many of the techniques employed simultaneously promote all 3! You will be amazed at the difference this programme can make to your business.

Q: How can I be sure the BusinessForward programme will work for my business? A: The systems and techniques employed are not just some clever sounding ideas that have yet to be tried out - all elements of the programme consists of tried, tested and proven methods and processes that have worked for our clients, and indeed our own business, time and time again – across a broad range of industries. But don't just take our word for it - take a look at What our clients say about us

Q: What is the Kick-Start session all about? A: In our very first session with you we’ll be aiming to get you off to a flying start. To that end we will be looking at where you are now with your business and assessing the strengths and resources available for taking you in the direction you want your business to go. We'll help you carefully define your vision of the future and then, immediately, set about the larger task of determining the path that will take you from here to there.

The Kick-Start session is aimed at getting you on-track straight away so that the process of building your business income and value gets started immediately.

Q: How does the BusinessForward programme work? A: The BusinessForward programme is a unique step-by-step approach for solving problems, generating a constant flow of new ideas, converting those ideas into specific action plans and, most importantly making sure that we make those plans happen!

This is supported by a control process which operates on both a formal and informal level to ensure that the business development pot keeps "bubbling-away" nicely.

Q: What's involved in the FREE Business Health-Check? A: In this concentrated one-hour session we will show you how to clarify your objectives and help to give you a specific set of action plans that will help you to take your business forward in the future. It also provides a taster of what you can expect to achieve by undertaking the BusinessForward programme.

This is an entirely FREE, without obligation, business development session and it is aimed at providing you with an opportunity to make a significant difference to the way you operate and grow your business.

Q: What if I'm not happy with the progress I am making through the BusinessForward programme? A: In the extremely unlikely event you do not feel that sufficient progress has been made during the course of one of our BusinessBuilder sessions, we will provide you with an additional session as quickly as possible and without charge in order to bring the process back on-track.

We recognize it is extremely important that our clients participate enthusiastically in the development of their businesses and believe in the effectiveness of the process. For this reason, we are very keen to ensure that you are 100% satisfied that the programme is working to you.

Q: What is your role as consultant? What do you do? A: Ultimately, it is to facilitate and drive the business development process forward. Once started, it is extremely important to ensure that the momentum of business growth is maintained and that the business is constantly moving in the right direction for achieving the goals you have set out.

Many years of business experience are brought to bear in facilitating effective and busy business sessions and generating ideas through the chairing of meetings. Careful documentation of actions agreed and the implementation procedures to ensure that plans become actions. Further, as required, specific advice and guidance is provided where you have insufficient experience or expertise and, where necessary, we are prepared to sit shoulder to shoulder with you to help you through specific issues.

Q: Can I try your service out before I commit? A: Yes, absolutely – our FREE Business Health-Check, as referred to above, is intended to be a taster; providing you with an insight into how we can help you take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be.

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Increase your income and spend less time doing it